Hair Contouring

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The very term conjures up mental images like the Kardashians, Make Up by Mario, Sephora, Make-Up Contour Kits and more. However, 2017 is all about ‘Hair Colour Contouring’!

Hair Colouring has always been synonymous with make-up trends, working with similar seasonal palettes and sharing more technique based terms such as blushing and strobing.The very essence of the word ‘Contouring’ evolves around the play of light and shade whereby light is used to enhance, correct and almost re-sculpt the areas of the face. ‘Contouring’ has been one of the most popular make-up trends of our times and the concept is now being revolutionised for hair colouring.Colour Contouring TONI&GUYWe all know the same haircut or colour does not suit everyone. Gone are the days when you can walk into a salon and ask to re-create a do like-for-like, only to realise the cut or colour doesn’t frame or compliment your face shape, skin tone or even facial features. 

Luckily in today’s world the most celebrated trend of all is INDIVIDUALITY.

To incorporate trends that suit the individual rather than the other way around. Therefore, gone are the days of one dimensional hair colours, and enter specialised bespoke colour services that our Technicians are trained to handle. This is where Hair Colour Contouring comes in!

Hair Colour Contouring is all about colour complimenting your haircut, and thus framing your face according to your face shape, skin tone & facial features in a very flattering manner. According to where light and depth is placed on the haircut in relation to the face shape, your individual features can thus be enhanced or ‘corrected’. The technique can be adapted to have a super natural result, or exaggerated for a much more dramatic finish.

Colour Contouring TONI&GUY

Our stylist will assess everything from your skin tone, to your facial features and your face shape. Depending on the shape of your face, rounder faces can be narrowed by adding depth around the sides and triangular faces can be widened around the jawline by illuminating mid lengths to ends, and so forth.

However, contouring isn’t just about enhancing your best facial features. It can also be utilised to create volume, graduation, outline or further enhance the layering effect of a haircut. Super dense hair can be layered with colour to help reduce weight, whereas fine hair can be graduated with toners for the feeling of depth & density.


Colour Contouring TONI&GUY


As you can see this technique takes into account everything from skin tone, eye colour, lifestyle and what you feel are the best and least favourite assets on your face. We are located in Houghton le Spring, in between Sunderland and Durham.